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Interview: The 69 Eyes
The 69 EyesAnlässlich des eines Festivals in Köln am 22.07.2006, nutzten unsere Joanne und Carina die Chance mit Oberauge und Sänger Jyrki 69 der finnischen Band The 69 Eyes ein wenig über das neue Foto-Album, die UNICEF und Gott und die Welt zu reden.
Wenn er nur in ganzen Sätzen geantwortet hätte...

 22.07.2006, J.A./U.C.

We asked Jyrki...
 Joanne: Do you think that maybe you will come back the UK at some point, maybe for a headlining tour? When you toured with Wednesday 13 in 2005, you featured as the support act.

Jyrki: We should, it's a crazy ass situation, our records are not available in the UK…I don't understand record business. I don't know why? We have lots of fans there, and we did nice tour with weds13 in April 05. It's like something which goes beyond my understanding. I want to... I think I might come to UK, you know - as revenge. I hope to do some DJ tour or DJ night in England... we have a lot of friends there, so it's always fun...

You have a book coming out of photography of the band on their tour of America (Spring 2006)…what can we expect?

Ah yes.. Ville Juurikkala... he [the photographer] has been touring with us for years….he's come everywhere in the world with us, and he's be taking photos for 2 years. There's going to be a book- called "Route 69". It's got like, 200 pages, fucking 400 pictures, really cool. Not like live pictures, just really interesting book about... you know... we've been all over the world... in the strangest situations you can imagine... all the photos from US tour... hence the name "Route 69"... its just that...
I've got a book by Ross Halfin... One of the most famous rock photographers... The Metallica photographer... and err, our book's going to be so interesting, the pictures are interesting... not just people, but cool... if you know the band, like the band....
it's going to be amazing... it comes out in November (english version is planned for 2007)
I haven't done it yet, but I'm meant to write some captions in it, I don't have to... I have to write the lyrics for the new album as well... all those things at the same time. I just think sometimes "fuck everything" and nothing happens... so it will come in Finland first... then other countries...

Would you say that there's something special about the Finnish Music Scene? In the last couple of years, there's been a big influx of Finnish Music, such as Sentenced, Nightwish, H.I.M., The Rasmus etc...

Lot of bands... so many bands like Entwine, To Die For, Apocalyptica, they're the coolest. There's a different type of dark music. The two bands I said... aren't even famous in Finland at all, but if you go to Mexico, there's people talking about these bands... it's I guess you know, the way of we... the melody is different which interests people and if you... but actually its like you know, the music in Norway, Sweden - the Gothenburg sound... for Finland the bands have melodies... so um I cant really talk about that. We've been making music 17 years and now, in the last 3-5 years everyone's been talking about Finnish music...
they're just fucking good... fucking cool country... that's why... it's a beautiful country, everybody should come visit there... go to Helsinki...

If you could go to a concert, and have any song dedicated to you, what band and what song would it be?

Erm, the first thing that comes to mind is HIM, and Join me in Death... I don't know why! But it'd be nice...

As an ambassador for UNICEF, you've travelled to Benin and also Kenya? where you've seen firsthand the living conditions of those who live there. You've already said that Benin inspired you when writing the Devils album, and Hevioso features an example of traditional African music, will Angels be influenced by your UNICEF experiences?

That's something that people are always asking. Its gonna be 'cause he's goodwill ambassador... this almost four letter word- 'art' that I'm doing... doesn't change or influence it, but not anyway... there's nothing about it on record.
On the contrary, the new record is gonna be more like, nasty and harder... so I think that at UNICEF they have to one more time consider their choice... but to me, being involved with UNICEF is cool thing in my life, and something I'm looking forward to... I am sort of proud...
I met your countryman Bob Geldorf in Cannes, France in January, and its pretty cool 'cause I was in Kenya in the desert, and there were theses tribes and these guys were like - Kenya used to be part of England, in distant days, and they're a bit anti-British... but they said 'Bob Geldorf is cool guy' and I told this to him, and he was like "Oh my fucking god!!!" [Strange Irish accent. Sir Bob Geldorf is in fact Irish. Not English.] You know, it was like in the real desert, these nomadic people... he swears a lot…he's a cool guy.

If you could have one of your songs put in to a horror film which song would it be?

Well you know, it's like experience, teenagers... gothic teenagers having fun, just before they get killed... like that... there's so many... and Lost Boys... that should fucking be in special, new edited version DVD... teenagers partying, getting drunk... then you remember, The Craft?
There's a lot of cool, cool stuff, and so it'd be horror movie... the bands are good... I'm always thinking that, when we've been making music, that some songs should be in movie... actually that's gonna happen 'cause like, Bam Margera, has his movie coming out, and it'll have song of ours...

If someone was to make a film of your life, which actor would you choose to play you?

I think I should do myself. Nobody else could play it - like the nerdy teen, present age 'n all between... in three weeks we must do photo session for our band, and I'm always like 'fuck' I don't think that I can do that the same... I'm always the same, I'm growing old before my own eyes... and my hair changes and my looks change...

As a band, you have a more mature audience than many other bands. Do you prefer it this way, or would you rather have hundreds or screaming teenagers at your gigs?

What? Really? You think so…we don't? I think we have screaming teenagers...but it's a good thing we have an older audience too… [Afterwards a discussion started about good and bad things concerning screaming teenagers as fans]

Joanne: Times was over... thank you Jyrki.

¬ The 69 Eyes
¬ 22.07.2006 (deu.)
¬ 22.07.2006 (eng.)
¬ 22.07.2006
¬ 25.08.2007

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