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Interview: Blood Stain Child
Interview with Blood Stain Child from Japan on occasion of the European premiere of the album IDOLATOR. I used the chance for an interview with gitarist Ryu from the Japanese.
Unfortunately, they are hardly mighty of the English and engage in it a professional translator. As a consequence a little longer waiting period surrenders. But, as everybody knows, one says: "What lasts long, becomes finally good".
Six month later...

 J.G, 30.11.2006

I asked...
 Congratulations to your new album IDOLATOR. We enjoy it very much.

Who had the idea to launch the album also on the European market?

Ryu: From the beginning of BSC, we had been hoping to release our music in Europe. For this, all of our lyrics are English. So there had been the idea naturally. We are very glad to release in Europe this time because it's our dream of a long time.

How did you land at Dockyard 1?

We had few chance to be listened our music by labels outside of Japan. But somehow we have got many good reactions from fans of Europe and USA before the release of Idolator in Europe. Recently, the people all over the world can listen to every music on the earth easier on internet for example at Myspace or something. This is the reason for it, I think.
One time, a writer of German magazine found us somewhere, and he introduced us to Dockyard1. They were interested in releasing of our album, and offered to our Japanese label. It's very nice meeting with them.

Do you think you will have a chance in Europe in view of the strong competition?

Of course yes. I am sure that our music will be accepted by the severe listener of Europe. Not only Europe, but all over the world. Why do I have such a confidence? Because I think we had create our original style by IDOLATOR album. It's needless to compare with the other band.

Do you intend to start a promo-tour for your new album through Europe?

There is no plan for that at this moment. But if that idea comes true, that would be wonderful. Japan is far away from Europe, so we can't go so easily. Please someone call us to Europe!

Did you already have contacts with European fans before (at concerts, via Internet) or is your degree of fame only limited to Japan/Asia?

Before the release of IDOLATOR in Europe, we have often got reactions from fans of the world includes Europe by the grace of internet, I think. Actually the most is from USA. I think the number of message from U.S.A. is even more than from Japanese fans. Japanese is not frank, generally.

What do you think is the biggest difference between Japanese and European fans - except that Europeans can take more drinks. (is it discipline, capacity for enthousiasm, faithfulness)?

Well, I don't know actually about that because we have not played in Europe, but it seems that European fans always drink and make a party as I watch a DVD. On the other hand, Japanese fans are listening to the music seriously and keep quiet. They are very gently than European fans. Because of this, a trouble would be never happen.

In your songs there is a clear musical contrast to the traditional Thrash-/Death-/Black Metal Bands. For long stretches you use synthesizers as a "second guitar". Why? Is it the general "being in love with technics" which is your steady companion?

We are trying to create a futuristic loud music which is mixed various kind of elements. Synthesizer sound is very important for us, because almost all of the additional elements are made by synthesizer. For this, we don't use synthesizer as a substitution of guitar. Of course synthesizer plays some key phrase here and there, therefore I can't say it the additional use only. By the way, in the future, we want to use real ethnical instruments such as Shakuhachi, Kokyu or someone like this on our song. Anyway, synthesizer is essential to create a new style of music.

Is it imaginable that your development goes towards Epic or Symphonic Metal? You already master the keyboard very well...

For now, I can't imagine it. We had been done such a style before on our first album. We are trying to develop our music all the time toward the future, without looking back.

What do you personally think of J-Pop (Japanese Pop-Music)?

I like J-Pop too. Though the songs seem to same type each and every, but there are many songs which have splendid sound and chord moving, well considered. It's instructive for me.

How important is it for you that your songs also note critical themes (social problems, politics, environment) or is your music solely a fantasy world for dreaming, relaxation and getting away from everyday's life?

My lyrics and music are inspired from various things such like critical theme, real experience of my life, Japanese ANIME(animated cartoon), and so on. Sometimes from just my imagination or fantasy. I figure my thought out to lyrics and music. Many of them are words speaking or asking to the listeners. I think the theme of each song is very important. Giving a theme to a song, giving a title. At that moment, it would turn to the organic.

Did you have any problems with your texts in regard to the protection of young people or censors - or are they harmless enough?

My lyrics don't include violent contents. As I say above, many themes are inspired from ANIME or like a SF representing the future of human being. Sometimes of love and relations between one and one. All of them are peaceful. I like peace, don't like trouble. So our CD don't need the sticker of Parental advisory!

Everything becomes smaller, faster and more efficient. This development also includes music. Besides CDs and live performances there are also MP3-songs for sale from many bands. Is this also a future for you or do you stay with CDs?

These days, the things become actually smaller and lighter. We couldn't resist the time, so if a new media would appear instead of CD, we would change to that. I think such a new media will appear in near future. But human depend on a real object, so music will never change completely to data such like MP3, I think. We are not exception for this. And the artwork of CD is very important for music, isn't it? Fans want to get more information of the band not only from music itself. I want it too.

In Europe Japanese imports of CDs are very expensive. How much do CDs cost in Japan?

On average, it is 2500-3000 yen (about 19.-EUR) here in Japan. We can get one imported from Europe lower than Japanese edition. Money should be unified all over the world!

I think that many of your fans are still young people. Do Japanese youngsters get enough pocket money Can they really afford to go to concerts, to buy CDs and T-shirts?
(A comparison with Germany: The price for a CD is 17.-EUR, for a cheap T-shirt 15.-EUR - with a pocket money of 50.-EUR per month for 16-17year old youngsters,there is not very much left for the rest of the month.)

It seems almost the same situation here. CD is 19, t-shirt 15-20. I don't know very much but I think a pocket money of high schools is 40-50EUR per month. Concerts of Japanese band are not so expensive, about 15-25EUR, though the band from over seas is much expensive.
I visited Finland before with AKI, Synthesizer. At the time, I didn't feel the different about the price. We bought CD, book, foods, all of them were same price with Japan. McDonald was the same too. For this, export and import duties cost much.

What is you biggest target for the near future?

It's absolutely a world tour! We want to play in front of European fans.

Do you see a chance to become as popular as colleagues of Loudness - not tomorrow but in some years?

Loudness is very famous in Europe. Though I don't know them well actually, but I hear that they made a great success over the world, so we would like to be such a band. I hope more people all over the world to listen to our music.

You definitely have musical models. What are your favourites - were they first Japanese bands, such as Loudness or from the beginning foreign bands such as Children or Bodom?

From the beginning, as BSC, we had been inspired from foreign bands as saying in the category of metal. We like Children Of Bodom, H.I.M., Linkin Park and so on. But the music of BSC is influenced from various genres. It is neither only a Rock nor Metal. Of course, though the kernel of our sound is a Metal.

If you set up a target as musician in Japan, is it customary to say "Oh later, I would like to play the guitar as Akira Takasaki" or are musicians from the West, like Michael Schenker, Oscar Dronjak, Ritchie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani... more popular?

Actually, I don't have a target as musician. Though when I was a kid I have someone, but now, I would like to be the only one musician. In this, the musicians you listed are all the only one musicians, are not?

Thank you so much for the interview Ryu. Do you have some nice words for your fans?

We'll absolutely make an Euro-Tour in the near future, so please look forward to it.
Support us! Thank you.

Maybe we see each other at a concert in Germany.

¬ Blood Stain Child
¬ 30.11.2006 deu | eng

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