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Interview: Bloodpit
After a Bloodpit-gig in Moscow, Russia Anna A. Chaplygina get the chance for a short interview with bassist Aleksi and guitarist Paavo.

Done by Anna A. Chaplygina
Written down by Carina Ullmann

We asked...
 It's the 3rd time you're playing in Russia. Are you glad to come here again?

Yes because I think we have some fans here. And something is happening right now. It's always nice to see the world.

You have many fans as we saw this morning...

Yes, there were many times more people than the last time. Last time there was like 4 or 5 people. But now there was...

Do you feel that people's attitude to the band has changed since your first visit here?

I think, last time they didnīt have much of attitude about us because they didnīt know us. But now there was this kind of spreading and something is really happening- of course, those people who were watching us last time in Moscow they have told their friends that is had been a very good gig...

You're playing not only an ordinary gig tomorrow but also a charity concert today. It's sth you've never done before. Why did you accept the idea of taking part in such performance?

Yes, of course, it is a charity gig and we have done a few acoustic gig and Matthau has done very much with acoustic in Finland so weīll probably do this acoustic gig today because we had some guitar-problems here...
Yes, and we have done a few gigs with the whole band together but I think it is not very easy arrange our songs for acoustic-versions. We usually play electric shows.

So are you playing some old songs or cover-versions?

Maybe, but I donīt know...

You said that you're going to work on the new album soon. What should we expect from the new record?

I think it would be nice if the next record is better than the last one.
Yeah, our new songs are heavier, harder and maybe a little bit of punk - in a good way - there is more attitude in it.
But I hope that this time we will succeed with getting our life-energy on the record.
I think the worst part of MENTAL CIRCUS is that there is no such energy that we usually have on stage.

And who's going to be the sound producer of the new album?

Itīs going to be Janne Joutsenniemi. He has played in finnish bands such as "Storm" and "Suburban Tribe" and has worked with many bands in Finland like with Entwine...

And why did you choose him?

We had a couple of producers who are worth thinking about but somehow we decided to work with him.
Yeah, I guess he had a very good attitude and he has done very good things for our songs and we are very happy about that.

Paavo, I know that it was you who came up with the idea of the MENTAL CIRCUS's name. You seem to have a very creative mind. Any ideas about the title of the new album?

Not really. Iīve been thinking of some but I think it is someone elseīs turn now...

I know it's Matthau who writes the lyrics for your songs, but is he the only one who creates the music or you contribute in this process too?

First, in MENTAL CIRCUS it was me (Paavo) and Matthau because there were many old songs. But now I think we are all writing. Everyone has ideas and when someone is giving a guitar-rif we start playing. And then some kind of jamming just starts.

You've signed a record deal with 456 Enterprises, American record label. When are they going to release you album in the US?

Actually, we donīt know that yet and weīve been touring in Germany last November and I guess that we are going to concentrate on that area because it is very difficult to travel from Finland to the United States and it is such a huge area. And so I think the (two Finns searching for a word but not finding it - it was right: strategy) - (laughing) I think weīre going to do Europe first and US next...

Do you have any tour plans for the USA for the next year?

We have many plans but right now we havenīt done any decisions and first weīre going to do the record and release it in Finland and tour there and afterwards we are going to see what will happen abroad. And of course the record will be released in Russion, I think in next autum and during this year there will be releases for the Europeans and the rest of the world. So, but it isnīt possible to do a release worldwide - we canīt be everywhere at the same time.

It's well-known that many ppl get to know about Bloodpit because M is the brother of the Negative's guitarist. Do you consider it bad or good? (additional promotion etc)

Is he? (yes, he is) From Negative?
Of course it is good that people get to know about us but if they listen to our music just because Matthau is his brother it would be a shame because I think our bands - ok, we have two guitars, drums and bass and we sing in English, but everything is so different, we are so different, our image is different…

Paavo, the fact that your father was a rock musician too, does it help you to make your career?

Maybe - when I told my parents that I wanna be a musician, I wanna start to play - they didnīt start to laugh because they knew it might be possible. I think my dad is going to come to play on the next record, to play some piano.

In what way do you consider Bloodpit different from other Finnish bands?

(silence) We donīt know any other finnish bands (laughing).
We are just doing our own thing and thatīs it. But I think there is some kind of weird humor around us all the time so that might be the main part because weīre not such a serious band.
Weīre serious about our music but itīs just that we arenīt serious about ourselves. So I think thatīs the main part.

What Finnish bands do you think are the most promising ones now?

Day Eleven. I heard their next album and it will be so good. It is so good. And of course Julia's Window is a great band. And Incredible Nothing. They are very promising bands.

What Finnish band is the brightest one in the Finnish music industry now?


Do you have any plans to work with other artists in the future?

Noone wants to work with us... Yes... we have many plans but noone knows... We haven't been talking about it yet, we're concentrating on our album now. But maybe later...

Do you feel that you're famous?

No (laughing).
Specially in Finland the real attitude is that if you see Ville Valo you donīt go to talk to him, there wonīt be 5000 people going around him all the time. Thatīs the finnish mentaly, but sure, out of Finland things are different. But I donīt know. There are some happenings around us (laughing)...
Thatīs Matthauīs problem! (laughing)
Matthauīs and Alarikīs problem...

Do you think that the appearance (image) is important in the music industry?


In what way?

Because usually this... right now itīs not just music because there are videos for the music and pictures and people are coming to see those shows and they are seeing that show, it isnīt just the music. Of course it is possible to have a good or bad image but it is about this.

What era in rock'n'roll do you consider the most important?

Of course the beginning of Rockīn`Roll. If there is no beginning there cannot be anything at all...
Maybe for me and I think also for Aleksi I think the most important year were the 90s because Seattle began and then...
yes, we were teenagers and were young
(laughing, plays as if he was crying) - we used to be... (even more laughing)

Do you have any dreams that haven't come true yet?

Aleksi: You told me about your dream that you saw last night, about Nosturi's gig.
Paavo: yes I had that dream about Nosturi's gig… there was only ten people. And hopefully that dream won't come true.

There will be at least four of us!

Alright! Sounds good!

How \ what was this year(2006) for you and for the band?

Hmm... For myself it was very nice year I guess, nothing really serious did happen and everything is fine and thatīs a very good thing…I don't know about Paavo but I think for the band it was a year when we got some success abroad...
We went to Los Angeles and Calgary and had that two-weeks tour through Germany and Italy so...
I think the year 2005 was the beginning of our success in Finland and 2006 was the beginning of our success outside of Finland.

Where \ how are you going to celebrate Christmas?

I am going to go with my father and my brother to my grandma - she will cook and I will eat myself full and then I will go to the couch and lie there and than I will eat again... And you Aleksi?

I am going to spend my christmas with my family. I havnīt seen them for a long time so it is kind of a tradition...

And what about the New Yearīs-week?

Weīre going to have a gig in Nosturi (club)...

And then party?

oh yes, letīs see what happens after the show... if the show is bad weīll go straight back to the bus and back to Tampere...
yes, we'll have to walk because we have to go by train ...but if the show is good we will have a couple of beers I think and go to the bus and to Tampere...
and yes, we will start our studio period at 2nd January... so... it will be very soon after New year's eve...

¬ Bloodpit
¬ 17.12.2006 (eng)
¬ 12.11.2006

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