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Interview: Papa Roach
Jacoby Shaddix - Papa RoachOn the NovaRock festival in 2007 in Austria Carina U. combined the business and useful with the pleasant and talked with Jacoby Shaddix (or also Coby Dick as he is mentioned with pleasure) by the North-Californian band Papa Roach. Jacoby is compared with pleasure to Kurt Cubain. Nevertheless, one certifies to him that he packs even more intensity into his songs than legendary Nirvana-frontmann has ever done it.

 U.C., 18.06.2007

We asked...
 How are you doing today?

Jacoby: I am doing very good. I had a really good time today. You know, every time I step on stage I don't really know what to expect or what to, you know, so I really just don't have any expectations and so when the crowd goes off and walks out itīs like - itīs a pleasant surprise, you know and so I am really having a good day.

What was going wrong after Rock am Ring, why did you have to cancel your show at Rock im Park?

The day before we did Rock am Ring we did a show and they had those explosions, the gun powder, coz at Rock am Ring my voice was already bad because of that powder did destroy parts of my voice. We did Rock am Ring and my voice was already kinda of hoarse and then after the show I was like "Fuck, dude...". And the next day I woke up and had like no voice. I was like (shows middle finger) - it seriously sucked. I mean, Iīve been in this band for 14 years and now that was the second show weīve ever cancelled - you know, weīve played quite over a thousand shows so itīs definetely, it was really hard. I was really bumped out because I mean, we do really well in Germany and we have a lot of fans there and we know we let some people down but it was not like I didnīt want to do it was because my I just had no voice. I was like "Fuckīs sake, two days off" and got a shock and took some medicine, that was good.

About Germany- are there any plans for touring here again?

Ah well, you know, weīre actually talking with the record company about that at this point of time and maybe in the fall, weīre not sure yet though, so…you know, Iīd just like to say to the fans, itīs like you know, stay looking at our website and if we do come back it will be in the fall-time and if not weīre gonna go and make a little record and will come back next year.

And at your gigs last October you said youīde be already returning in February 2007- home come that this didn't happen to the disappointment of many fans?

Yeah yeah, well it was supposed to happen but then we went to Canada instead so itīs just, you know, thatīs why I am not gonna say weīre coming back because I am not sure now. We had really good shows last year in Germany, I was really fucking happy with them so, we got a lot of support from our German fans, you know, so weīre gotta be back in the area.

Thinking back to the early beginning of Papa Roach- what were your familyīs thoughts? Did you get any support you needed or did they try to get you away from your idea of the career as a musician?

Oh no, our families and friends thought weīd be fucking crazy! They were like "Why do you want …"- you know, they thought the RockīnīRoll dream was just a joke, you know. And all of my friends, well, the didn't really support us but they just said "Good Luck". And so, you know, itīs funny because now, 14 years later, weīre like "we fucking did it". You know- "fuck you!", we did it. And I mean, itīs still, even over the last five years, you know, itīs like, we came in in 2000 with Nu Metal and like a lot of those bands. Itīs like , you know, us, Deftones and Korn and Incubus are like the four bands that kinda stuck, you know, saying a lot of bands just kinda run away and so for us we feel very fortunate to still be a band and be pushing things forward.
You know, creativly and artisticly and thatīs like why weīre still here- because we always kind of involve and push things forward.

So, have there been any moments in which you thought you actually don't wanna go on with your career as a musician?

Oh yeah, after we got touring for LOVE HATE TRAGEDY I was like, I was suicidely and I really didn't even wanna live anymore, you know, but youīve seen youīre in that fucking band and then I got sober. I stopped drugs and alcohol and thatīs when I fell in love with my music and being in a RockīnīRoll band and follow love and life and my friends and my family again, you know, so...
Itīs definetely, that was like a turning point in my life. So now I am just enjoying what I am doing, you get what I am saying, when I get on stage I have fun and that matches with the crowd. Because I mean, people wanna go to a RockīnīRoll show, like in my opinion, they wanna have fun. And at the time of LOVE HATE TRAGEDY and INFEST my whole life was about self-destruction.
And how I was pissed at the world and then I was realizing that the problem is me so I kinda changed myself and changed my perspective and now Iīm having fun.

Many of your songs are based on personal experiences and so are quite emotional for you- How muchdo those songs affect you on stage? Do you get very emotional on stage then or can you septerate things concerning those feelings not belonging on stage?

Jacoby: It is touching, I just canīt separate! Itīs definetely, I think itīs like, what it is, you know with being on stage... the song "Broken Home", you know itīs like, that happened to me so many years ago and the song, like, maybe become okay with that situation of our life, but the thing is, that when we sing that song, thereīs so many other kids in the crowd that are going through that, that pain and that frustration in the part of their lives and itīs like, when people are letting their emotions out at our show and I am bringing my emotions out it connects. And thatīs that trouble experience I am talking about which is like, what makes RockīnīRoll, what makes Papa Roach who we are.
I mean, itīs emotional, itīs passion, itīs energetic, itīs real. You know, itīs like, thereīs no bullshit, we don't need fucking explosions and lights to make our RockīnīRoll show happen. You know, and thatīs like, because itīs about emotion. And thatīs definetely every day, itīs like, I can express myself through this music and they can connect with people doing this music and I think thatīs like they gotta get it.
My father was an alcoholic and dealing with the shit fucking sucked. And that's why I don't drink anymore, because I got kids and how I am gonna clean up that fucked up environment for my children when I hated it when I was growing up. That was part of my life that I hated it, you know. So itīs definetely like, I had to change my life for the better is a good thing and my music is definetely been a part of the evolution, of the change.

Is "Forever" going to be released in Europe aswell?

Yes, yeah, we just shot the video for it, we got a record label in Europe starting getting here because in the States "Forever" is like number 2 hitsingle behind Linkin Park, you know and so we got a number 2 song in America right now so we definetely have a big hit. We just shot the video, itīs gonna be out, we had a premiere on Friday, so kids can go and watch the video on there and then it will be on youtube and on and weīll be trying to get it over on VIVA and MTV over here so weīre really gonna be pushing for that single over here.

About the video - there are already a few photos online of the video and there is a guy looking like a vampire…

Oh no, we did cut that part out, itīs fucking totally fucking stupid. Itīs fucking gay. We scrapped the whole video- we scrapped the whole video and when a fan made a video, then we liked the fanīs video more than we liked our video, so we took the storyline from the fanīs video and took our band-performance from the other video and put it together. So now we have a whole better video and that's really fucking cool. A whole different video…and that's the one being released!

Thanks for the interview, Jacoby!

It was nice talking to you, have a fabulous day!


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