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Crystal Viper
Crystal Viper - Marta GabrielThis Lady's got balls! She shreds the 6-string, sings like a goddess and rocks like being ridden by hell: Marta Gabriel, the face and voice of Crystal Viper still has even more to offer and if you don't know what to wear on your next festival visit, she does! So check out what the Power-Metal-Queen told me when we got together for an interview.

 A.K., 06.01.2013

We asked...
 Being a metal-queen to the bone, would you like to tell us how you began your career as a musician and when you started shredding the 6-string?

Thank you very much for such compliment. Well, I probably was born as a musician, because at the age of 6, after seeing a symphonic orchestra in the TV I told my parents that I want to play some instrument, so they sent me to music school to the grand piano class. I started playing guitar few years ago, because it's difficult to write guitar parts on the piano - the only way was to learn to play guitar, and bass guitar.

Where does you musical influence come from? Are there any special bands that "shaped" your music as it is today?

My very first and most important influences are not metal ones, I would rather list bands and artists like Queen, Mike Oldfield, Led Zeppelin, Scorpions, classical music, operas and so on. I discovered heavy metal as a teenager, and it was like a shot, back then I knew this is the music that I really want to write and play.

It's obvious that you were born to live a metal-life, rocking the stages as you do. But imagine you'd not chosen a career as a musician, what other career would you most likely had chosen?

I was thinking very seriously about studying medicine, I wanted to be a surgeon. But I knew that I would have to forget about music, so the choice was obvious to me. Nevertheless, two years ago I graduated cosmetology studies, as I wanted to learn something new, and do something more outside music, and as it was connected with dermatology, I was even happier. But sadly I have no time for this as a day job.

Aside from Crystal Viper, you work as a session musicians for several projects. What´s the most beneficial aspect to collaborate with other bands and artists for you?

Every time I become more experienced, because when I work with other musicians and artists, I always learn somehting new, and for me it's very, very important. And what else, sometimes my dreams come true when I have possibility to work with a musicians and artists that I respect, and who are my music heroes.

Certainly, playing life on stage is what makes metal what it is: a never-ending party with folks that enjoy music the same way you do. Never the less, studio work is equally vital for bands, so what is you most favorite part of recording session? In the same vein, which part do you find the most boring or nerve wrecking?

The worst thing is when you're going back home and you still have this cruel, neverending sound in your head: beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep bep... It's funny, but it's true. I like to work in the studio, it's always very creative process. But of course the most pleasant moment is to record the last note, of the last song (laugh). 

Back in 2012 when you did your live gig for the Magic Circle Festival at the Loreley in Germany, did you feel more pressure or urge to give even more than usual, knowing the recording would be released as your first live effort CD?

You know, I have a stage-fright before every single show, so back then I felt the same. But of course when I go on stage, all stress turn into adrenaline and power, and then there are only fans, your music, and your band mates whom you see and hear on stage. So back then it was as usual - I can't imagine to get stressed more than I usually do... I wouldn't say that this show was different, especially as during that day we had no idea we will release this material. We received the material, we heard it, and we thought it would be pity to keep it in our archives. So it wasn't really planned, we even do not consider this release as an official album - more like a gift for fans, as we included some rare studio tracks there as well, and as far as I know it was limited edition release only.

With Bart not just being your husband but your producer and colleague, too, would you say it´s making things tougher to keep an objective view on your music for him, or is it making things more easy to find a common ground you both agree to?

I would say beeing together makes a lot of things much easier. But of course when we work in the studio or going on tour we work in a professional way - then he is a manager and producer, and I'm a musician and composer. But from the other side it's beautiful thing to share a passion which is music with a person that you love.

Aside from your career on stage, you also design clothes for those who bang their heads, with Thunderball Clothing. How did you come to work as a designer, too?

Oh, it's a long story. When I started playing in a band, I wanted to wear cool clothes on stage, but there was nothing special in the shops. So I was sewing my stage outfits myself, and from time to time I was making something for my band mates, or for friends. Last year I decided to expand this hobby into something more serious, and I created my own clothing line. From the other side, this is the next possibility for me to do something creative, something that I like, and you know, I can bring to life my most crazy ideas. And I'm even happier, when somebody wears Thunderball clothes, it's a great feeling!

Do you create one of a kind designs only, or special designs according to customers demands?

Both. My customers can buy clothes which are already done, and which are available in my webshop, or they can order something exclusive. Also, if someone wants to order something, but don't know what he wants, I can make a special design for this one specific person. It can be a jacket with your favourite band, or a totally crazy studded heavy metal jacket, pants or anything else. And I guarantee it's the only one copy in the world.

Would you say there´s a certain “bottom-line” or base of inspiration you have, when designing your clothes?

Mostly, I design and make clothes that I would like to wear, but I get a lof of inspirations from music, sometimes I see a musician and I create an outfit for him in my head... There are no borders, I can make everything, from a denim jacket to a leather studded pants! I'm totally free here, and I love it.

Last but not least: What are your plans for 2013? What can fans expect to happen?

I hope to play as many live shows as possible, to visit countries that Crystal Viper have never been before in, and I would like to see all metalheads wearing Thunderball clothes!

Thank you very much and wishing you a successful 2013! Hope to see you on stage soon.


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