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Korpiklaani - Jonne JärveläNo other band knows how to bring the Finnish culture closer to their fans better than Jonne Järvelä and his Clan of the Forest. Korpiklaani – Finland´s down to the bone masters of Humppa-Metal – are equally famous for their stirring songs revolving around a "Happy Little Boozer", as for capturing Finland´s folklore in their music and lyrics. With their latest Album MANALA coming up in August, the "Woodland Gang" took a few days off, leaving Chief of the Clan – Jonne – a few moments to spare for my curiosity.

 A.K., 30.06.2012

We asked...
 Looking back at almost 20 Years of amazing musicianship, Korpiklaani could be compared to a good wine: The "older" it gets the better it becomes. To describe Korpiklaani in short idiom "A bedazzling ride on a rollercoaster of Humppa and Metal forged to become one." So if you look back on the road you already travelled, what special moments will always be there? What will you keep in mind the most?

Jonne: On the top of the moments is the first tour outside of Finland 2004. Maybe because the most important thing to this band is playing the music around with- and for good people. Korpiklaani is at its best live. Then every album has felt like special moments. We’ve always been proud of our newest album. Every and each time we thought, that the newest one’s been our best album so far, album after album. Special moment also was when we got this dirty Finnish band first time to North-American tour, South-American tour. First time on the very big festivals like Wacken, Summer Breeze, Metalcamp... There are many special moments and seems like most of those are when we are doing something for the first time. Maybe because doing something the first time means, that we’ve reached something new and more. It is always exciting.

With UKON WACKA came along unforgettable catchy tune like "Tequila", which naturally leads me to the question: Will there be a hymn on MANALA as well, for fans to raise their cups and sing along to?

Not in the way, I think what is in your mind but now we went even deeper with alcohol “topic” and there is a song about how the beer was born. “Petoeläimen kuola” in English Predator's Saliva tells a story when Osmotar, the father of beer prepares the first ever beer out of barley grown by Pellonpekko. Pellonpekko is an ancient Finnish pagan god of fields, harvest and of course beer. Osmotar rubs his hands, which results in the birth of animals that fetch the seasonings for the beer from the forest. However, the beer does not ferment. Osmotar finds the means and tells to get the Predator's saliva. That's what happened and the beer began to ferment.

When you began writing songs for MANALA did you have a certain concept or picture in mind how you wanted the album to sound like?

No. I never think anything so much beforehand. Maybe we are little bit naïve in that way, but I like to keep some kind of childish mind open way to write songs. I’m writing songs actually all the time when I have a chance to do it. I like song writing so much. Then the best ones go to the album and the rest… stay resting. So far we never used surplus material. Even, that there are really good songs. Those songs just haven’t been right kind of songs to any album so far.

In the same vein: With MANALA to be considered a "concept-album", how did you develop the story you wanted to tell with your songs?

I had this Kalevala theme in my mind already at the beginning, but we slipped out of that theme on some of the songs. There is not one continuing story like we think about concept albums. On the other hand even the Finnish national epic Kalevala is not a book with only one story. It is collection of the stories, poems and songs from the old people and those stories was written in the 1800 century as a book, which tells lot of Finnish people and our mentality. Most of the songs are linked some way to Kalevala but there’s also other kind of myths like Ruumiinmultaa. In English “Soil of the corpse” and it tells a story or better to say it was a folk belief related to the pursuit of financial success, known in the area of Lapland, northern part of Finland. The one who desired to get rich made a deal with the devil, secretly collecting soil in the graveyard and offering it to other people, having it mixed in their spirits or coffee. Soil of the corpse was only allowed to be given to those who were not enemies of the ones giving the soil of the corpse. A person who drank the soil of the corpse either died or lost his sanity permanently or temporarily. In contrast, the one giving the soil of the corpse gained financial wealth, as long as he was able to stick to the contract made with the devil, giving the soil to new victims on regular intervals for a few months. If the terms were not met, the devil killed the giver of the soil or made him insane. They say the belief lives on in certain regions of Lapland. Then for example Sumussa hämärän aamun, In the Mist of a Dark Morning, Ututyttö or Terhenneiti is the sprite of fog and mist. In misty weather a lot of ghosts have been told to be seen. Some of them are restless souls, who have been left to wander in this world, but some of them are visions from the land of the dead, (manala) the Underworld. Fog and mist make the borders of the two worlds more and more indefinable, to such a degree that we can see the land of the dead with its ancestors in the world of the afterlife. Due to this, Ututyttö is also called the Bringer of Death.

Keeping in mind you literally ended the UKON WACKA-Tour, but new shows are coming up just around the corner, what do you enjoy the most during gigs?

It is difficult to explain but I’m feeling on stage, that I’m really living this life. I have a feeling that I’m born to do it. I like almost everything on it when everything goes well technically. I like the guys whom I’m playing with, I like the music what we are playing, I like to play on the front of audience, even that I’m the person, who is always very nervous before the shows. Then all the nervous feelings are gone when we are playing the first song. One thing that I don’t like so much is to speak between the songs. I really love to play and sing.

And on the contrary, what aspect is the least thrilling to touring?

Travelling. It’s OK if we have a bus to go, but I hate airports and flights. Unfortunately it is a big part of all this and we’ve had to spend almost as much time at the airports, as we had the chance to be at home last years.

Was there "the special" show you´d never forget and probably call the best show ever?

There are so many unforgettable shows and for different kind of reasons, that I can’t pick only one. I can’t even say if I like a big festival situation more or a more close to face club situation. Both have their own good sides.

Returning to the studio-time during the recording of MANALA: How would you describe the time working on the album?

I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere on the studio was so good and relaxed. Maybe because everything was mostly planned and pre-recorded. I made demo versions at home. Then we went through the songs with a producer Aksu Hanttu and he recommended some changes or different points of view. This is Aksu’s third Korpiklaani production and I can’t imagine leaving the work to any other producers hands anymore. There is a deep trust between each other and he is a really hard worker, who thinks more about the best possible musical result than the money, which is rare way to work in music business nowadays. We recorded most of the album in Petrax studio, which is actually a farm place in the middle of the woods. There is no any kind of distractions around. Like for example pub’s… It is great place to get the right kind of mood to make Korpiklaani recordings. One time when someone left the door open, a fuckin’ lamb walked in to the studio control room. We were hoping, that it won’t shit on the floor and of course it came to our minds, that maybe we could eat kebab out of it as a dinner ? The main playing hall at the studio is ex- harvester and tractor garage, so you can image how high and wide the room is. You don’t need any processed effects there. You just have to control the room sound with movable partition walls. The recordings went fine and easy only the English versions of the songs were quite difficult for me some times.

Since the Album will be released in both Finnish and English language, which version do you personally like the most?

I like the Finnish versions more, but it was exciting to see how much the language changes the songs. You can’t sing the song in the same way than Finnish at all. Whole rhythm of the singing is different. Also it was really hard to translate the songs from old kind of Finnish to English. On the other hand some people think that, some of the English versions are even better than the original Finnish. After all it was really interesting thing to do and listen afterwards.

Something I always ask at the end of each interview: What would you like to say to your fans and the readers?

I have always had the same answer to this question…Thank you so much if you’ve been on our gigs and bought the albums. See you on the gigsand let’s take some beer together some day, alright!?

Thank you very much for taking some time for us and we hope to see you guys on stage soon.

Thank you, Andy! Good questions. Cheers, Jonne Järvelä

¬ Korpiklaani
¬ 30.06.2012 deu | eng
¬ 31.03.2007
¬ 17.04.2009

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