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Lordi - Mr. LordiSince over 20 years, this Monster didn´t hide in any closet, but exposed itself on numerous stages where metal was played, with it releasing an avalanche of Fans ever since. Now they´re heading our way with a new album, new band members and music that´ll follow you into your dreams and nightmares as well! Fortunately, I´m not afraid of the dark or any monster under my bed, which lead to getting a chance to talk to Mister Lordi. So, if you like to find out, why he thinks I am weird, read on and find out!

 A.K., 16.01.2013

We asked...
 With the new album coming up, would you like to already give us an impression what the new album´s gonna sound like in your words?

Mister Lordi: It is definitely the hardest and the most aggressive Lordi album yet. It's still Lordi, I mean, we're still not THAT far away from our origins, but within the Lordi-frame it is pretty …uuummm… “heavy”.

How would you describe the time during the production of your new album?

Album Lordi: Beast or not to Beast 2013It was a difficult process. You know, the making of an album is not just the time you spend in the studio, it starts like a year earlier with ideas, writing and stuff. Last year was our anniversary year, 20 years since I started the whole Lordi thing and 10 years since our debut album. We had some great plans to celebrate that, and we were eager to start recording the new album in the fall with Otus. Originally we had a plan to make another really 80's orientated album, since we love the previous Babez For Breakfast ourselves, it really was what we were trying to achieve and with the help of Michael Wagener, we succeeded to do exactly the kinda album we were set out to do. Then, we had to let Kita go. We found Otus to replace him. And man, he turned out to be a fucking dynamo beating those drums! His way of playing changed the way we were playing our own material, he was so energetic and skilled. Slowly it became clearer and clearer that we are gonna make an album with a lot harder stuff than we've ever done before, and it was all because of the inspiration we got from Otus' playing. Amen wrote the first 3 riffs for the album sometime in the summer of 2011, and that set the tone for all the new material that was to be written. Aaand then come February 13th, and Otus died. It was on so many levels a hammer in the head. Slowly we started gathering ourselves up together again, and started to look for another drummer. We went through quite a few candidates actually, and it was not an easy task at all. Then Awa dropped another bomb, she was gonna leave. We knew that we're gonna go to the studio in August, so we were really behind schedule, and now we had to find not only a new drummer, but a new keyboard player as well. Well, miracles do happen, I guess. Here we are with a new line-up and a new album. But it was not easy. This was the hardest process so far.

What is your biggest inspiration regarding your music, and of course the amazing stage shows Lordi does?

Should not come as a surprise. Musically the main launching area for the Lordi-rocket is all that great 80's heavy metal. KISS, Twisted Sister, U.D.O., W.A.S.P., Alice Cooper… You know, the great ones hahaha! Melodies with balls. Show wise… See above and add King Diamond and a big bunch of horror movies!

How much time does it take to "get dressed" prior to a performance and in the same vein, did it ever bother you to invest that much time for the show?

Three hours. It does not bother me, but sometimes it bothers the other members, ha! Hhhmmm… Actually, I kick myself in the head every single fucking time when I need to start putting on the make-up. I'm a lazy dude, I'd rather just watch TV and eat than put on the gear hahahaha! BUT, after I'm done, I feel like a thousand bucks. I see Lordi staring back at me in the mirror, and I know that I look sooooo pretty.

Being a hobby musician myself, I could imagine it to be exhausting to play in your costumes. Isn't it a pretty sweaty and sometimes difficult part to play live with your costumes on?

Simply: yes. Hell yes.

Again sticking to the costume theme: Something I always wondered about. In case any of you has to visit the bathroom while already in costume, were they designed for such an “emergency” or are you screwed in that case?

Not screwed anymore. But on the very first costume I made for myself back in the day, I forgot to make a little hole for the little mister. That actually lead to an occasion where I pissed my pants on the stage. There was no other way.

Without any doubt, Lordi can be called the “most sexiest monster” alive. Even though other bands make use of costumes, masks or corpse paint, what would you consider the most beneficial aspect of wearing those as an artist? Is it to preserve your private life in the first place?

Sexy? Ok. You're weird. Haha! The privilege of having the masks to keep our private lifes private is a huuuge fucking bonus, but still, just a bonus. The main goal has always been that we wanna be the coolest looking band in the world. And no matter what, these are matters of opinions and tastes for sure, but if you put all of our idols and all of the other visually strong bands next to us, I honestly do feel that we are the best looking bunch.

Staying with the “costume” theme, did you ever consider to do a Lordi-Show “naked”, meaning without your costumes?


After Awa decided to leave the band, you've opened the cages to recruit two new monsters to join the band – Mana and Hella. How did they feel into the band by now?

Band Lordi 2013
They're great! They're both fucking funny. We're having a helluva good time in the band now! They're young brats though. Ha!

While creating their monstrous look, did they pitch ideas for their costumes, too or did you surprise them with the way they'll hit the stages being a part of the Lordi band?

Yes, they had ideas. We talked about the ideas, both theirs and mine, discussed what is doable and what is not and so forth. It's always a process, where you need to believe that your character is the coolest one in the band. There's no other way it would work. You have to love your character, and there has to be a lot of “you” in the character. I know it sounds funny, but you cannot act to be your character, you have to be the character already, the character needs to be inside you. And we just dig it out.

Since the world wide web has become a mighty tool for promoting and selling music, it was only a matter of time for streaming services like Spotify or the like to become popular. What is your personal feeling about these kind of services from a musicians point of view? Would you consider it a step into the right direction or not?

I simply fucking hate them all. But hey, that's just me. I'm an old school guy. I wanna go to a record store and buy the physical album. I know my way of thinking is really outdated nowadays. On the other hand, I think my negative feelings towards the whole concept of music being distributed in the web has to do with all the negative effects it has on the artists. Because no matter which way I look at it, for every one positive thing about it, there's a hundred negative ones. People don't get it. And they don't care. They don't understand. For example if this illegal downloading shit keeps just growing and getting bigger, there is a chance that there will be no new music. From anyone.

Also many social network portals give bands a chance to stay in touch with their fans. How important is this kind of relationship with your fans for you?

Amen, Ox, Mana and Hella have Twitters and all that shit. I don't. I just answer the questions on our website's forum. And I do like that interaction we have there with the fans. But I've never been on fucking facebook and I will never ever join. There's like 7 imposters of me there already. Fuckers.

With almost 20 monstrous Years since you founded the band, what are the most special moments you'd never forget and like to share with us?

Whoa. Easy question huh? Blaaahhh… Uuuuummm…. Let's say the most memorable event for me personally was in New Zealand at a R2W festival at their stadium where the bill was Kiss, Alice Cooper and Lordi. That was a day to remember. There's a lot of things I guess, but it is really hard to name only few.

Looking at the enormous success Lordi has, it's no wonder, that a Restaurant was named after you, a motion picture made and (at least in Finland) even Lordi-Cola is available. This brings me to the question, are there still any unexplored terrains, you'd like to conquer?

Yeah, always! For example: we're gonna have action figures FINALLY this upcoming October.

Last but not least: What would you like to say to your fans in the world?

Thanks a million for sticking with us. I know that for a lot of Lordi-fans, being just that, a Lordi-fan in public, is incredibly hard. So be strong, you are our bosses! But most of all, be yourselves and dare to be whatever you like to be!

¬ Lordi
¬ 16.01.2013 deu | eng

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