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Mysteriis - MantusExhumed from the soil of Hell de Janeiro and spat back on stage after a 6 year hiatus, Brazil´s Black Metal Legend Mysteriis raised their fist to once more conquer the Black Metal scene under the banner of the two-fingered sign. Releasing their latest collection of battle cries – HELLSURRECTION began the bands second chapter. During truce, Mysteriis Mastermind Mantus agreed to an assignation to discuss the terms of my surrender...

 A.K., 31.08.2012

Wir fragten...
 Having to admit I not familiar with the Black Metal-scene in “Hell de Janeiro”, Brasil, brings me to the question how established is Black Metal in your home-country?

Mantus: Brazil is a giant country and we have all kind of metal bands acting here, including really great Black Metal bands, of course... In Rio de Janeiro I could mention Grave Desecrator, Songe D'Enfer and Unearthly. In the rest of Brazil... Mystifier, Murder Rape, Goatpenis, Patria, Amen Corner, Spell Forest, Ocultan, among many many others. Well, I don't live in Rio anymore since 2008, I'm living 1.600km far, closer to the extreme south of Brazil, bordering Argentina. So it's a bit hard to tell what's exactly happening there regarding the metal scene, but everything I know so far and heard about is that there're many serious bands doing a honest and killer job there, which makes me proud. We have a very strong underground metal scenery in Brazil, but we don't have a proper market like on Europe, for example... Everything is difficult and always very slow for an independent band. We do what we do for pure passion, trying to escape from the bad situations and doing our very best to get the recognition that we deserve.

What made you re-vamp Mysteriis with its original Line-Up in 2011?

It was something that really surprised me. When we stopped our activities in 2005, I thought that everything was fucking dead. No chances to have a reunion or anything like that, especially with the original line-up. The fact is that our old drummer wrote me purposing to record a new album to celebrate our 14 years of existence. I hadn't any contact with him for many years and this e-mail made me happy and excited. Then I contacted the other members and we just started to talk and make plans of how we could do this. Everything worked amazing!

Since you temporarily played drums it´s easy to figure the whole Line-Up to be multi-talented on several instruments.

Actually I'm originally the guitarist. I never recorded drums on a Mysteriis album. But you're right... I'm also a drummer and I assumed the drums during a few years, just to don't stop the band's work. Really temporary stuff, you know.

Would you say it makes things easier if all the members can play different instruments in order to arrange a song or album?

This is something very positive yeah. It makes the process faster. But on Mysteriis I'm the big head behind all compositions. I have some help from my band mates, of course... We discuss ideas and changes, but in a general context I'm the mastermind creating the songs and Agares generally take care of the lyrics and conceptual ideas.

With HELLSURRECTION to be considered the beginning of the second chapter in Mysteriis conquest, what are the future plans to your crusade?

That's exactly how I feel "HELLSURRECTION". Well, we have plans to keep promoting the album, to focus on a better distribution on Europe & USA, spread our music doing some good shows, first in Brazil and who knows maybe in Europe in a no distant future, and for the next year we're already thinking to record an upcoming album. Let's see...

Since your latest Release was mastered in Berlin, how would you describe your time in Germany during that period?

I have been in Berlin in the last February and I had a really great time there. It's a beautiful city and I hope I can come back anytime. I would like to have more time to visit other cities in Germany too... Awesome country I'm sure.

How did you guys experience the time during the production of HELLSURRECTION?

It was not so easy since I'm living so far from the other members in Rio. Then the album production was a bit slow and we made it 80% using the internet. A lot of dedication was spent on this process... and without the proper money and support we wish. At the end we're fucking tired but extremely satisfied with the final result. Despite that we had a lot of fun and a real great time between friends, doing what we really love to do. It's always a nice experience...

Do you tend to try out new songs in front of an audience before recording it for a release?

We made it sometimes in the past, but normally we prefer do everything in the studio, where we can have the real-time results directly in our ears. We were never a so active live band too, so...

Personally considering the lyrics of a song to be equally as important as the music, would you agree to this?

Yes, I have to agree... A good balance on this is always the best way.

Likewise, how much time does it take for you to finish the lyrics for a Mysteriis Song?

Humm, sometimes a few hours, sometimes a day, even a week. It depends... Normally more straight lyrics are faster to write... But conceptual lyrics are more intense and difficult.

Aside from Mysteriis, Agares can also be found doing vocals for Unearthly. How would you describe the time you´ve spend with your “Brothers in Arms” from Hell de Janeiro?

Agares played in Unearthly many years ago actually. He's not a member anymore. He never recorded an album too... Just live gigs...

Within 14 years of holding high the blasphemous two-fingered sign of Brazilian Black Metal, you´ve made the audience bang their heads on several occasions. Which show do you remember the most and why?

I remember when we supported Marduk, still with Legion on vocals... Was a nice show in Belo Horizonte... Nice place, great people! I also could mention a more underground show that we made in Jundiaí [São Paulo] with Amen Corner in 2001. We had a giant dark crowd screaming our lyrics like fanatics... It was unbelievable and very memorable to us...

I believe especial for your German fans it would be very interesting to read, how you´d describe a Mysteriis Live Gig, keeping in mind the fans down here didn´t have the chance to visit your shows until now?

We're a traditional Black Metal band and we try to preserve it in our live appearances... Corpsepaint, spikes/nails, bullets & black leather, a lot of fire, smoke and blood, occult symbols... It's difficult to describe... The best is our German supporters check by themselves accessing here:
Well, fan-made videos with a not so good sound quality, but still worthy \m/ Hope you enjoy!

In the same vein. How are the odds for gigs in Germany?

It's early to say yet... We recently came back from the grave and the new album still needs a larger distribution outside of Brazil. But we're dreaming with an European tour since we created the band in 1998. Would be fantastic if we could play over there and of course, Germany is famous as one of the best and most insane countries to play.

Looking upon other Black Metal-Bands of today, many of them would be considered “mainstream” by now, leaving Mysteriis to be pure and true to Black Metal as it should be. What is your personal opinion on the Black Metal-scene and bands today?

I personally don't care about what the others are doing or even they're thinking about my bands and my Black Metal. First of all, it's something personal which we do to fulfill our own ego. We don't earn any money with the band... We have our jobs and it's a fucking harsh battle day by day to make the things running well. We don't give a fuck for the major media dictatorship or similar idiot people. We prefer to focus on our own work, spending our energy to do what we love to do, preserving the feeling we think is the right one! If you don't like us, just don't listen us! I do the same... Simple like that :)

Down to the bone “old-school” Black Metal: What is your biggest inspiration?

Venom, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Bathory, Sarcófago, Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Emperor, Samael, Rotting Christ etc...

Digging deeper into Mysteriis Discography I discovered you recorded an Album in 2004 (STIGMATI DIABOLI – DCLXVI) which until now hasn´t been released. Will we ever get the chance to listen or purchase the tracks?

Actually this album was recorded in 2003 and was never released by our old label Demise Records. Anyway, the tracks were published by someone on the internet some years ago and I think it's still possible to download through some blogs, with a not so good quality although. The label closed the doors and this album never saw the daylight. And honestly? I personally don't like the album too much (laughs). If it depends on me we'll just skip that shit (laughs). I'm more interested to look for the future...

Last but not least: Do you have a special message to your Fans?

Keep the fucking bloody Black Metal running in your Veins!!! See you in Hell!!!

¬ Mysteriis
¬ 31.08.2012 deu | eng


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