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Pär Sundström Bassist von SabatonDiligent Sweden Sabaton are again (or still?) on tour. This time they play a gig in Hamburg. Our colleague Verena R. got the chance for making a short interview with the bass player Pär. It is clear that beside the music also the subject "beer" could not remain outside before.

 V.R., 26.09.2010

We asked...
 Hi Pär. I'm very glad visiting the Sabaton concert this evening in the Markthalle Hamburg. The first time I saw you live was on the last Hammerfall tour. Now you're on tour as headliner. It's your third headliner tour through Europe, right?

Pär: It's now our third, it's kind of a fourth tour. The first one was kind of small, there were only a few shows in Germany. In 2006 we had the first bigger tour, and this is the third bigger tour I would say.

Your opening acts on this tour are Alestorm and Thaurorod. Do you have a good contact to these bands?

The Alestorm guys we met several times before the tour. We also played on a festival in Sweden and Alestorm were playing there as well. A few years ago we read in a magazine that Alestorm are hearing on tour the music of Sabaton. And then we met these guys and we get along very well and had a long party after the festival. A bit later we were sitting down and discussing what kind of band we'll get on tour and Alestorm popped up because they have the same booking agency and then it was kind of obvious bringing Alestorm on tour. Thaurorod was something different, because we didn't know them. They just released their debut album. Our booking agency is the same as the one from Thaurorod and they asked us bringing Thraurorod on tour. We don't know them but I'm sure we're getting good friends with everybody on tour. We're looking forward on a very good tour.

Did you make some special experience on tour? Any funny happenings or something else?

There are always happening some special things on tour and it is always very difficult to remember them. But something happened two weeks ago when we were in Cyprus. We never were there before and we didn't know what to expect. The show was totally sold out and we didn't expect that. We had a lot of fun und we had no show the day after so we thought -hey, it's so fine today so after the setlist is finished we'll gonna play every song we can so we play like three hours in concert tonight. But the fans tought it was the end of the setlist and stormed the stage and they grabbed us and they teared us away. And that was the end of the show. We couldn't continue the show because all the drum sticks were gone and we were carried away to different parts of the club. We couldn't play all night as we wanted it. That was kind of a special thing because we didn't expect that the fans would "steal" us. But it turned out to be very funny.

That's indeed a very funny happening. But now to the songs from the new Album. Do the fans like them as well as the classics?

I think so. At the beginning when we had recorded the album we were not totally sure what we are thinking by ourselves about the album, because we have been so focussed on the recordings of the album. A lot of time in the last weeks we were working around the clock with the recording. We didn't really enjoy the last part of the recording because we were in a hurry. We didn't know what we thought about it (laughing) so we asked around for some friends what they think about it and they all said it's our best album so far but we couldn't believe that. Of course because they are our friends and they said what they think we want. But we now know when we play the new songs live on stage it sounds even better live than on the album. We know it's a great album and the fans like it and when the songs are performed on stage they grow and become even better. We are happy with the new album and the fans are happy too.

Well, I also think that it's a very good album. But now to the older songs. Which are the songs your fans like most, the absolute live classics?

That's obvious, it's Primo Victoria, that's the one the crowd goes most crazy for and it's always there. That's one of the songs we would be killed when we take it away from the playlist so I guess it has to be there. There are a few such songs the people demand that we play them. Attero Dominatus is also one. We are trying to change on this tour we have a lot of songs we haven't been prepared for so every night will be a little bit different than the other. I think we have around 30 songs ready to play and we will change every night. We are practicing every day for getting new songs into the setlist as well. So at later part of the tour there will be other songs including as well.

What about the tour organisation? Is everything according to your wishes?

Yeah I think like that. I mean we have just started this tour. The shows are visited extremely well. We are shocked, everybody is shocked and we're happy. Everythings seems to go fine and nothing to complain about. We had a perfect tour starting and the first concert in Karlstadt in Sweden were amazing. I haven't seen the finally sold tickets there but it was totally close to 2000 people which was probably the biggest Heavy Metal concert in that city of all time. And it goes on, yesterday in Copenhagen it was amazing and today I'm sure it's gonna be great.

Do you always get enough beer on the tour?

At the first tours we did in 2006 there was not enough beer. It was the first time we went on tour and we were drinking and drinking and drinking. Today we cannot really do this because there are so many things that depend that we must play much. There's a high pressure so we cannot be drunk and also we cannot be drunk after the show because we need to get up early in the morning the day after. We take good care for us so there is more beer that we need. Beer is now not such an important thing for us. Today nobody is drinking beer before the show and during the show maybe one or two beers maximum and after the show some days are party days but we have to be careful.

So you won't continue with this live joke - the audience calls "Noch ein Bier" and you're drinking?

(Laughing) We'll see what happens but I mean it's fine to party but it's also kind of hard. When we're on tour for 2 and a half months and we cannot party every day, then we're dead in December. And we wanna continue to make new albums and more tours and this one shouldn't be the final one. I would actually see this as a sort of a workout exercise camp or something on tour where I can come home and feel better than I felt when I left.

Did you recognize any differences concerning the audience and the atmosphere in the different countries on your tours through Europe?

Yes there are differences, of course. The main thing is that when we play in Eastern Europe you can see that there's a clear difference because not so many bands play there so often. So the people are a bit more crazy for the whole evening. The crowd is fantastic also in Western Europe but the difference is that here in Sweden, Germany, Belgium England and so on people get concerts every day. When you go to places like Croatia they get a concert every month maximum and they can only afford maybe one concert in a year. So these people look forward to that concert in a totally different way and spend 100 % into the band and they know 100 % of the lyrics, they know really everything. Playing in West Europe is also good but playing in Eastern is a bit sharper.

Do you have a favorite country for concerts?

It used to be Bulgaria but now I would say it's Cyprus. In Cyprus we met the craziest crowd I've ever seen. They totally stormed the stage and carried us from stage so I would say they are the craziest people we've ever seen.

Thanks a lot for the interview, good luck for your next concerts and always a lot of fun!

Yeah, we're gonna have a lot of fun.

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