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Vomitorium Art
Vomitorium Art - Paul AllenderThis amazing man doesn't need to be introduced, for those who don't know Paul Allender – Master of Guitars and Sound on Cradle of Filth – must've been roaming the world of metal with their eyes and ears shut. But not only does he write fucking amazing songs, he's also a great artist when it come to doing filthy arts and a great person to deal with. Here's what he told me about his latest Project, called Vomitorium Art.

 A.K., 18.01.2013

We asked...
 Being know as the mastermind behind the Music of Filth, most fans knew you did a lot of artwork for the band as well. When did you decide to focus on your artwork on a separate level, too and pursue this road of your creativity with Vomitorium Art?

Paul: Actually to be honest I was doing art before I did anything to do with Cradle. I just decided to venture out from the band on an artistic level to see what I could create. Some of my art isn't suited for Cradle of Filth at all because it's a completely different style. I felt like I had more to offer that I couldn't do in Cradle because of the style restrictions etc. I now sell prints, Phone covers and shirts with my art on.

One might wonder, how you manage to bring both your music and your artworks under one hat. Writing music, recording albums, touring and creating art. A day has but 24 hours so, how would you describe a “typical day in life” of Paul Allender, attending to both sides equally?

(Laughs) My typical day is total chaos!! Especially now I'm doing a lot more on my own like guitar lessons, writing for my other band and working on Cradle of Filth stuff. So a day for me is I start around 6am usually answering emails about work and then I hit the studio recording and writing music. If I have art to do I do attend to that first, I have to prioritise otherwise everything becomes jumbled up and I miss things.

In the same vein: did you ever encounter a time, you didn't feel inspired at all?

Yes, that happens to me a lot. It's something you can't just turn on and do, you have to feel that you want to do it (whatever it is) otherwise you end up coming out with total crap and end up undoing it all anyhow... a bit of a waste of time really!

It's obvious, your art, has a lot in common with your work for Cradle of Filth. Somewhat dark, macabre excursions into a world of fantasy and horror. What would you say is the most obvious point that makes Vomitorium Artwork differ from the stuff you do for Cradle of Filth?

Yeah, there is a lot in common because I do pretty much all the song writing in cradle and my art is all coming from the same Saying that though, a lot of my art is based on zombies etc. which cradle hasn't touched, well not until now at least. I have no idea why I do art with that theme it's just what I feel comfortable with.

Digging deeper into your creative soil: How does your art come to life? Where does the inspiration come from, and how do you develop the idea until the final piece is finished?

Sometimes I get inspiration from films, but most of the time I just start with a blank canvas and just make it up as I go along, kinda see what happens etc. I prefer it that way, I don't like to plan or stick to rules. I come up with ideas as I go and keep adding until I look at it and go "That's fucking awesome!!" (laughs)

This definitely unleashes the “nerd in me” to ask: What equipment you usually use for creating your stuff?

Well right now I am using Photoshop 5 with a Wacom bamboo one tablet. I do everything on my laptop, also sometimes I will use Corel Painter 11 and After Effects CS 5.5 to add different effects. Nothing too complicated, I like things simple and I like things that actually work.

We know, aside from being a multi-talented artist, you recreate with practicing martial arts. But looking at the amount of work you do, is there any time left for you to really sit back and relax?

(Laughs) I'm on the go all the time, I don't actually relax at all. The only time I take out is sundays and that's to spend it with my girl.

As I know, you not also give guitar lessons, but did some Photoshop tutorials as well. Did you consider to even give art lessons, too?

You know, I was thinking about that but for now I want to get my guitar lessons off the ground and once that's rolling I will get into the world of art tutorials. My guitar lessons don't just deal with guitar, I also give advice on the music industry and how to construct songs and arrangements for musicians who are stuck and don't know where to take their songs. Anyone who is interested can email me at paul[at] for more info.

Stripping the Vomitorium/ Cradle of Filth Paul from his artist clothes, how much “you” is resembled in the work you do? Would you call yourself a “macabre” or “morbid” person or is it just your style in arts?

Honestly it's just a style of art, I'm such a completely different person in my private life. People always comment how different I am to what my music / art is like. I like it this way.

Last but not least: Fans can purchase your art on T-Shirts, Prints and Cell-Phone Covers. What other canvas for your art will be coming up?

I'm actually doing a shoot with my girl to recreate horror film and video game characters. I have some pretty sick and sexy ideas for this. I'm planning on starting this within the next couple of months.

We sure are looking forward to what you still have in store for us, with both music and art, so what more can I say but Thank you, Paul and keep amazing us!

Pictures/Artwork: © Paul Allender / Vomitorium Art

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